EmpowerMX Announces Completion of Additional FAA CASS Training

Mendota Heights MN, May 19, 2011: The EmpowerMX Consulting Services division announces the completion of three Continuous Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS) training classes for the FAA Aviation System Services group in Oklahoma City. These classes were a continuation of a four year-long consulting relationship between the FAA and the aviation consultants of EmpowerMX.

Previously, our Consulting Services division assisted the FAA in developing CASS training and by providing subject matter expert (SME) instructors to deliver the following knowledge:

*CASS (what it is and how to develop an effective CASS)

*History of maintenance program development with emphasis on MSG-3 philosophy, theory and application

*QA methodologies and audit training

*How to move from an alert-based reliability program to an event-based reliability program (includes the key methods to measure performance/effectiveness of all ten [10] maintenance program elements)

To date, our Consulting Services team has delivered CASS training to more than 1000 FAA aviation safety inspectors and system services personnel.

Please contact Dave Nakata (VP, Consulting Services) for further details regarding this training.

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