Aero-Lift Introduces New and Improved Aircraft Hoist

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (May 25, 2011) – ARM Aerospace, a provider of aircraft lift technology for private hangers, now offers the “SNER” Series Aero-Lift, a two–ton capacity single fall chain hoist. Available at the same price as the original “EF” Model, the new design was displayed for the first time at the April Alaska Airmen’s show in Anchorage.

The new SNER Series Aero-Lift hoist is larger, carries more horsepower and features a revolutionary new brake design. In addition, the hoist can be wired to either 220 volts or 115 volts out of the box without replacing controls (contactors and transformers). The brake’s tapered, spring-loaded design allows for self-adjusting that acts through the magnetism of the motor. It is fail safe and carries a 10-year warranty.

The EF Model Series Aero-Lift includes the patented pull rotor self-seating and self-adjusting braking system. It is specially manufactured for ARM Aerospace to run at 110 volts and draw less than 15 amps at startup, while still maintaining appropriate torque, horsepower and safe lifting speed. This was done to accommodate older hangars where a larger power capacity is often not available.

Both the SNER and EF Model hoists are backed up by a manual safety chain and are fully warranted.

Manufactured by the world’s leading hoist manufacturer, Kito, based in Tokyo, Japan, these units are assembled and tested under the subsidiary Harrington Hoist. In 1876 Edwin Harrington dramatically improved the self-sustaining hoist by introducing the worm gear design. Since then, the company has earned a proud reputation for product innovations and consistent quality that customers count on to meet these diverse needs.

Arm Aerospace has been making the Aero-Lift for 10 years. The Aero-Lift is a 2,500-pound capacity lift that allows hangar owners to double their hangar space by storing one aircraft above the other.

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