A Good Fit: FlightSafety, K-State Connection Helps Students Gain Experience and Jobs

Internships lead to industry employment.

"As I anticipate my first day," Lewallen said, "I've caught myself thinking many times about how I wouldn't be in this position if it weren't for my intern experience at FlightSafety or if I wasn't a K-State Wildcat."

Prior to his current internship Lewallen was a pilot intern in the demonstration department at Hawker Beechcraft. He was interested in full-time employment at the manufacturer and explored the idea of becoming a regional airline first officer.

"Ultimately, I decided to pursue my goal of becoming a corporate pilot," Lewallen said. "I knew that FlightSafety is absolutely the best opportunity for me to accomplish that due to its outstanding reputation within the industry, and the fact that I was able to confirm this firsthand as a FlightSafety International client when I was training on aircraft for Hawker Beechcraft."

Not all of FlightSafety International's interns are pilots.

Rachel Farmer, a 2008 K-Sate Salina graduate, was recently promoted to director of quality management systems -- the position she was the intern for just three years ago.

"I can't imagine working anywhere else," she said. "I plan to stay with FlightSafety for a very long time."

Farmer started her internship in January 2008 as the assistant to the director of quality management systems. By November of that year she had been hired full-time as the operations support and compliance coordinator.

"I started out taking business classes," Farmer said. "I was interested in aviation, but I didn't want to fly for a living. I realized I could take classes to get the background I would need to enter the aviation industry through the technology management degree program, so I got a good foundation that prepared me for coming into the industry. When I started looking for internships during my junior year, I thought that Flight Safety would be a good fit."

A good fit, indeed.

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