Cassidian and NGRAIN Partner to Bring Deployable Maintenance Training Solutions to Customers Worldwide

Ottawa, Canada (CANSEC) – June 1, 2010— NGRAIN®, a leading provider of interactive 3D equipment simulation solutions that maximize the effectiveness of training programs and maintenance support systems, and Cassidian, a company of EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company), announced today that Cassidian will make NGRAIN training solutions available to its customers around the world. Incorporating NGRAIN solutions into the Cassidian product portfolio will provide customers with new maintenance training capabilities. At the same time, the cooperation is a strategic next step in the relationship between both companies as they co-develop interactive training platforms for aircraft maintenance programs.

Meeting mission-critical training requirements, NGRAIN solutions support maintenance training in a variety of environments to ensure knowledge is accessible anywhere and at any time. Whether deployed for an instructor-led environment, for independent learning accessed via a learning management system, or made accessible in the field to support troops already deployed, NGRAIN Virtual Task Trainer™ (VTT™) and Virtual Task Refresher™ (VTR™) solutions deliver procedural information in a visual format that is proven to accelerate learning, increasing first-time-right performance and overall proficiency. Leveraging Cassidian’s extensive expertise in developing results-driven training programs, NGRAIN’s unique 3D simulation technology can also be integrated into courseware, Interactive Electronic Training Manuals (IETMs), and Learning Management Systems.

“Cassidian is a respected leader and developer of some of the world’s most innovative training platforms for its customers,” said Paul Lindahl, CEO, NGRAIN. “We look forward to growing a relationship that will provide added value to military and defence organizations looking for deployable maintenance training solutions.”

In October 2010, NGRAIN and Cassidian partnered to develop interactive virtual training platforms for aircraft maintenance technicians. The solutions will provide the ability to practice and review critical maintenance procedures within a complete simulation of aircraft functionality – including fully realistic operational scenarios. The joint solution is a net-centric interactive virtual environment that integrates the award-winning commercial-off-the-shelf training systems from NGRAIN and Cassidian. These strategic developments will enable NGRAIN and Cassidian to provide end-to-end maintenance training and operational support for the equipment lifecycle. For more information about joint solution, please visit to download the Future of Maintenance Training Journal.