NBAA, AOPA, EAA Planning Legal Challenge to DOT's Move to Dismantle BARR

The three associations will seek an injunction to prevent the decision from taking effect and will ask the courts to invalidate the new policy altogether.

EAA President and CEO Rod Hightower said: "EAA believes strongly that the privacy rights of aviators must be equal to those of any American. This is an important issue that must be handled appropriately and with due process. The disregard of our members' position by the DOT is an alarming development and seems to be a significant step in removing our privacy rights as aviators and as American citizens. The large majority of our members surveyed expressed the desire to keep BARR in effect as Congress has intended. It seems to me the people have spoken, not only as aviators, but through due legislative process with our Congress more than 10 years ago. EAA will join AOPA and NBAA to preserve the unique aviation freedoms we all enjoy, and depend upon, in this great country."

The DOT announced its intention to dismantle the BARR on May 27, in spite of overwhelming opposition from individuals and organizations in and outside the aviation community. The agency formalized its plans in a rule published in the Federal Register on June 2.

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