Mi-171 Helicopters Take Part in Kazspas 2011 Manoeuvres

The 16th international seminar-gathering of rescuers took place at «Astana the Rock City» training range of EMERCOM of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Ulan-Ude/14 June 2011 – Mi-171 helicopters manufactured by Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, JSC, a part of Russian Helicopters holding, were involved in Kazspas 2011 manoeuvres of Kazakhstan rescue units.

The 16th international seminar-gathering of rescuers took place at «Astana the Rock City» training range of EMERCOM of Republic of Kazakhstan. The purpose of these manoeuvres was to improve rescuers' professional skills in severe environment conditions and to train rescue and other emergency operation methods using different equipment.

Mi-171 helicopters of Kazaviaspas Republic State Enterprise of the Kazakhstan EMERCOM were frequently used for search-and-rescue offshore and onshore operation training during the manoeuvres. Mi-171 helicopters were involved in firefighting training using the helicopter bucket, transportation of an EMERCOM vehicle externally, unloading rescue four-wheelers for relief of simulated emergency situation at a chemical plant. The helicopters were also used in hover mode to deploy dog service squads at heap areas after an earthquake, to drop diver rescuers, and for water life-saving operations using a windlass.

The Kazakhstan EMERCOM has been successfully operating Mi-171 helicopters for many years, and the helicopters have proved their outstanding characteristics, such as high performance, reliability, and ease of operation. The rotorcraft are equipped with special mission and search-and-rescue suits, equipment to deploy rescue teams and to evacuate people in hover mode, firefighting systems, night vision goggles, a searchlight, a loud-speaker, and a weather radar that allows EMERCOM of Kazakhstan to perform missions at any time of day and in adverse weather conditions.

According to helicopter industry experts, the Mi-171 is one of today’s most efficient rescue helicopters in the world. It is frequently used for relief operations in areas of the largest floods, earthquakes, man-made disasters, and for firefighting in different countries all over the world.

Russian Helicopters continues to expand its partnership with the Republic of Kazakhstan. A possibility of adding new Mi-171 helicopters manufactured by UUAP to the Kazakhstan EMERCOM fleet is now evaluated.

The Mi-171 helicopter is a deep modernization of the widely recognized Mi-8 helicopter. The helicopter was developed by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, JSC, and is manufactured by Ulan Ude Aviation Plant, JSC. The Mi-171 can carry up to 37 servicemen on trooper benches, up to 26 passengers on passengers seats, up to 4000 kg of cargo in the cabin and as external load, up to 12 wounded, it can also perform search and rescue and firefighting operations, and lift, loading and unloading operations in a hover mode. The Mi-171 helicopter has a Russian type certificate. Its type certificate is also recognised by the People's Republic of China, South Korea, Slovakia, Mongolia. Today more than 5000 Mi-171 helicopters of various modifications and versions are operated in Central and South-East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the CIS.

Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, JSC – one of Russian Helicopters enterprises. The modern manufacturing and technological capacities of the Plant makes it possible to quickly start production of new aircraft types and combine the manufacture of prototypes and mass production. Over 8000 aircraft have been built over the 70-year history of the Plant. Today it produces the Mi-171, Mi-171A1, and Mi-171Sh helicopters.

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