Donaldson Offers Innovative Filtration Technologies for Today's Most Advanced Aerospace & Defense Systems

You can see the following innovative technologies (and much more) from Donaldson Aerospace & Defense at the 49th Paris Air Show, June 20-26, Hall 2B, Booth E188.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – June 17, 2011 – Aerospace and defense equipment manufacturers trust Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, a division of Donaldson Company (NYSE:DCI) for filtration technologies that help protect their engines and equipment while delivering optimum performance. Donaldson offers a complete line of air intake, cabin air, fuel, lube/oil, coolant and hydraulic filtration technologies. All are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of today's commercial, military, rotorcraft and general aviation aircraft, while simplifying and minimizing maintenance requirements.

You can see the following innovative technologies (and much more) from Donaldson Aerospace & Defense at the 49th Paris Air Show, June 20-26, Hall 2B, Booth E188.

Aircraft Cabin Air Quality

Passengers and crews flying at high altitudes breathe re-circulated, pressurized air – often for many hours – that may contain irritating gaseous elements including fuel byproducts, bioeffluents, cleaning agents, odors and ozone. Airborne particulates – dust sand, aerosol lubricants and even allergens, fungi, bacteria and viruses – also cause poor cabin air quality and affect passenger flight experience. The Donaldson Air Purification System™ (APS™) is the most effective new technology for cleansing and purifying cabin air in extended flight commercial aircraft with recirculated air. It combines both chemical and particulate filtration into one component; safely removing particulate and gaseous irritants. View our APS brochure to learn more about this innovative technology, or visit our booth to see the Boeing 787 APS system first-hand.

Turbine and Piston Engine Degradation

Aircraft and helicopter operators know the costly and damaging effects that dust, dirt and contaminants can have on their engines – power loss, component wear, increased engine temperature and excessive maintenance costs. Donaldson filters protect rotorcraft and general aviation engines from these harmful particles. Donaldson's Certified Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) systems and Engine Air Particle Separators (EAPS) for rotorcraft applications eliminate 95-99 percent of Foreign Object Debris (FOD), dirt and other contaminants that reduce engine performance and damage critical components. Donaldson filters offer better airflow, better horsepower and superior efficiency (98.5 percent, or better) for general aviation operators.

Hydraulic System Reliability

Sophisticated hydraulic systems aboard aircraft need protection from contamination. Abrasive particles – such as dust, dirt, sand and fibers - enter hydraulic systems and, if unfiltered, can severely damage sensitive components like pumps, valves and motors. Donaldson filters prevent the need for premature maintenance and overhaul of high-pressure, return and case-drain hydraulic systems. From filter elements to complex manifolds (including bypass valves, shut-off valves, relief valves, pressure transducers and fluid sampling valves), Donaldson offers filtration solutions that keep your hydraulic systems operating reliably. Donaldson recently introduced two new filter indicator options:

1.) The Electrical Differential Pressure Indicator and Bypass Valve combines these two functions into a single component – saving valuable space and reducing weight.

2.) The Intelligent Filter Indicator monitors and reports real-time data on the service condition of elements in the hydraulic filter manifolds – allowing operators to change filter elements based on performance/system life rather than time of use.

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