TECT Power Announces Receipt of Manufacturing Technology Patent

Paris – TECT Power, Inc., a worldwide supplier of rotating components and assemblies for turbine engines for aviation and industrial applications, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a notice of allowance for the company’s PowerForm™ component manufacturing process.

The PowerForm manufacturing process precisely and efficiently forges and machines metal leading edges that provide unmatched protection for composite and multiple-piece metallic fan blades. The proprietary process produces a leading edge from a single piece of titanium for a stronger, more reliable part, compared to multiple pieces welded together. The resulting components are more efficient, precise and cost-effective than their traditional multi-piece fabricated competitors.

“The granting of this patent validates TECT’s unique PowerForm process for manufacturing high performance components found at the heart of today’s advanced aircraft engines,” said Robert Cohen, president, TECT Power, Inc. “As a turbine technology leader, TECT Power is ideally suited to exceed basic component specifications and meet design intent at a competitive price point. Our PowerForm process will help maximize efficiency and service life of current a future aviation engine programs providing a competitive edge to our customers and the engine operators alike.”

About TECT

TECT is a family of privately held, independently managed aerospace companies currently consisting of the TECT Aerospace and TECT Power business units. With more than 115 years of continuous operations, the TECT businesses have a unique blend of business processes, equipment, and proprietary manufacturing capabilities that have earned themleading positions in many of their product niches. TECT’s philosophy of utilizing a fully integrated supply chain allows them to deliver precision components and assemblies to customers worldwide with unmatched quality andspeed. To learn more, visit www.tectcorp.com.