Able Aerospace Services Introduces 737 Flight Deck Seat Track Replacement Parts (PMA)

PHOENIX, Ariz., June 21, 2011 – Airlines and other operators of Boeing 737 aircraft can reduce operating costs with new Seat Track replacement parts (PMA) available exclusively from Able Aerospace Services. Savings for four key components average 30 percent each and provide equal or better form, fit, function and reliability than original parts.

Able provides inboard and outboard seat track replacements for both the captain’s and first officer’s seats. Even when new seat track availability is unstable, these are always available.

Part numbers 1A226-0205, 1A226-0206, 1A226-0387, 1A226-0388 are immediately available at savings of up to $769 per piece. Additional ancillary parts are also available, including Block Stops for floor rails.

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About Able Aerospace Services

Able Aerospace Services is an industry-leading provider of quality component repair, overhaul and approved replacement parts solutions. Able has developed over 8,000 FAA-approved proprietary repairs and more than 400 money-saving PMA parts for fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft operators.