EAA Supporting GA Operator Groups Going to Court to Protect BARR

On behalf of GA operators, a formal notice of appeal has been filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit; that notice will be followed by a motion to prevent the DOT from making any changes in current practice pending the...

“Our members have made clear that they want to be involved, and they want AOPA to be involved,” added Fuller. “This fight will require the coordinated efforts and collective resources of the broad general aviation community, and anyone else who is interested in preserving a right to privacy.”

Contributions to the BARR Legal Defense Fund can be made by sending a check made out to BARR Legal Defense Fund via postal delivery to:

BARR Legal Defense Fund

c/o NBAA and AOPA

P.O. Box 33788

Washington, DC 20033-3788

Please direct inquiries about the fund to:

NBAA: (202) 783-9266, bschwalen@nbaa.org

AOPA: (800) 872-2672, pilotassist@aopa.org

"We are dedicated to doing everything we can to stop the DOT’s plan to disable the BARR, and today, we’re taking another step to honor that commitment,” Bolen said. “We know that getting on an airplane shouldn’t be tantamount to forfeiting basic privacy protections, and on behalf of the general aviation community, that’s the case we’re going to make with the court. We look forward to having the support of those in the industry who likewise view privacy as a fundamental right.”

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