TECT Announces Plan to Open New Manufacturing Facility in Mexico

Paris – TECT announced today that the newest member of its family of businesses, TECT Aerospace Components, will open a new manufacturing facility in Guanajuato, Mexico. TECT expects to begin shipping parts by the fourth quarter of 2011.

TECT Aerospace Components’ new facility will initially focus on producing three- and four-axis machined and fabricated components for its sister companies, TECT Power and TECT Aerospace. Once the launch phase is completed, TECT Aerospace Components plans to begin servicing external customers.

“TECT’s new Mexican facility will allow us to consolidate components that are spread out amongst dozens of separate subcontractors toprovide more consistent service to our customers,” said Raymond May, vice president and general manager of TECT Aerospace Components. “This is also an ideal opportunity for TECT’s management to begin operations in a foreign country, while still having close geographical proximity to the U.S.”

This facility is the first of several international manufacturing opportunities under consideration by TECT. Future TECT locations will likely be in geographies where the facilities’ output will be consumed in the country or region where it is produced.

TECT expects to employ 50 full-time workers in Irapuato by January 2012 as operations ramp up.

About TECT

TECT is a family of privately held, independently managed aerospace companies currently consisting of the TECT Aerospace and TECT Power business units. With more than 115 years of continuous operations, the TECT businesses have a unique blend of business processes, equipment, and proprietary manufacturing capabilities that have earned themleading positions in many of their product niches. TECT’s philosophy of utilizing a fully integrated supply chain allows them to deliver precision components and assemblies to customers worldwide with unmatched quality and speed. To learn more, visit www.tectcorp.com.