TECT Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary and More Than 115 Years of Continuous Operations

Paris – TECT, a privately held family of aviation, defense and power generation manufacturing companies, will celebrate its 10-year anniversary in August 2011. The company currently has over 1,200 employees and 14 manufacturing facilities in seven states.

TECT’s roots reach back to 1895 and the formation of the Utica Drop Forge and Tool Company, Inc. in Utica, N.Y. UCA Holdings Inc., the parent company of TECT, acquired Utica in 1995. In 2001, TECT was formed with the acquisition of Turbine Engine Components Textron, Inc. Since then, the TECT family of businesses has expanded its range of products and markets into airframe structures and actuation systems through the acquisitions of Tru-Circle Aerospace, Neuvant Aerospace and BAE Systems Precision Aerostructures.

Today, the TECT family consists of two business units: TECT Aerospace and TECT Power. TECT Power serves the world’s turbine engine OEMs by manufacturing critical rotating and stationary components and assemblies. TECT Aerospace serves airframe OEMs, Tier 1s, and major subsystem providers by manufacturing structural and mechanical components and assemblies for commercial, military and general aviation applications. Since 1995, revenues have increased more than twelve-fold, fueled by a combination of acquisitions and organic growth.

“The first 10 years of TECT’s success are based on broadening our product and technology offerings, integrating our supply chain, and solving problems for our customers,” said Ken Glass, chairman and CEO of UCA Holdings, Inc., the parent company of the TECT family of businesses. “Our continued focus on customer satisfaction, consistent, long-term financial performance, and strategic investment in the right technologies will continue to drive business expansion and strengthen our customer relationships.”

About TECT

TECT is a family of privately held, independently managed aerospace companies currently consisting of the TECT Aerospace and TECT Power business units. With more than 115 years of continuous operations, the TECT businesses have a unique blend of business processes, equipment, and proprietary manufacturing capabilities that have earned them leading positions in many of their product niches. TECT’s philosophy of utilizing a fully integrated supply chain allows them to deliver precision components and assemblies to customers worldwide with unmatched quality and speed. To learn more, visit www.tectcorp.com.