Rolls-Royce and Boeing Launch Industry-leading Shared Data Service

Rolls-Royce and Boeing today launched a shared data service, the first of its kind in the aerospace industry. It will allow both companies to offer faster, better-informed advice to airlines, in order to maximize aircraft availability.

For the first time, data from an aircraft and the engines that power it will be combined on a single system providing customers with an efficient, integrated data source, improving an airline’s ability to manage its product health monitoring.

By integrating data from Rolls-Royce engines and Boeing airplanes, both manufacturers will offer comprehensive information and improved response time to customers.

The service, available to airlines with both Rolls-Royce Engine Health Monitoring (EHM) and Boeing Airplane Health Management (AHM) data, will initially be available for the Trent 1000/Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Trent 800/Boeing 777 combinations.

By year end it will also cover RB211-524/Boeing 747 and RB211-535/Boeing 757 combinations.

Tom Palmer, Rolls-Royce, Services Director – Civil Aerospace, said: “This innovative service is focused on providing airlines with better information, which will help to improve the speed and quality of decision-making and enable operators to maximise operational efficiency.”

Per Norén, Vice President of Information Services, Boeing, said: “This level of co-operation between Boeing and Rolls-Royce will greatly benefit our mutual customers. Our relationship is industry leading and supports Boeing’s continued focus on helping customers optimise performance in real-time.”