AC TECH Announces Aerospace Qualification for AC-380 B-1/2 sealant

Garden Grove, CA – June 27, 2011 – AC TECH, a leading provider of aerospace sealants and specialty chemical products, announced today that its AC-380 B-1/2 non-chromate sealant for military and commercial aircraft has been qualified by the Performance Review Institute.

AC-380 B-1/2 is the second member of the AC-380 integral fuel tank sealant family to earn AMS3281 Type 2 qualification, an industry standard material specification that allows original equipment and maintenance facilities to specify its use. AC-380 B-2 was qualified to this specification in March 2010. Both products are based on AC Tech’s latest fast cure polysulfide chemistry and exhibit improved high temperature fuel soak performance and excellent low temperature flexibility.

“The AC-380 family of products is lower density than standard polysulfide sealants. This allows users to reduce the weight of sealant required to seal the aircraft, which in turn results in improved fuel efficiency and reduced operating costs,” said AC Tech Vice President of Research & Development Jonathan Zook. “AC-380 B-1/2 and B-2 sealants are also solvent-free. Users benefit from the elimination of worker exposure to hazardous solvent vapors and by reducing rework associated with sealant shrinkage when the solvent evaporates.”

AC-380 benefits also include a complete lack of hazardous hexavalent chromium, a substance added to many sealants as a corrosion inhibitor. Regulatory authorities are increasingly concerned about hexavalent chromium exposure, driving aircraft manufacturers and maintenance facilities to seek chromate-free solutions.

The Performance Review Institute is a not-for-profit organization created by SAE International in 1990 to develop and administer performance standards for quality assurance, accreditation and certification programs for aerospace and other industries.


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