Twin Commander Owners Embrace Technological Upgrades

Introduced at the Aircraft Electronics Association’s International Convention & Trade Show last March, the GTN series (GTN750/725 and 650/625) are the state-of-the-art replacements for Garmin’s highly successful GNS530/500 and 430/400 navigators. The GTN series feature touch-screen controls; GPS and VOR/ILS navigation; graphical flight planning; communications radios; optional satellite weather, terrain, and traffic advisories; multifunction capability; and optional integrated audio panel and transponder, among other innovations.

Eagle Creek Aviation Services and Naples Jet Center, two factory-authorized Twin Commander Service Centers, have each retrofitted two Twin Commanders with dual GTN installations. The two completions by Naples Jet Center were for private owners based in Florida and Wisconsin, while Eagle Creek did the retrofits on a pair of Grand Renaissance Twin Commanders for the Colombian military.

“Twin Commander owners and operators typically are among the first to embrace cutting-edge advancements, whether in performance or on the panel, noted Twin Commander Aircraft LLC President Matt Isley. “Many have retrofitted their aircraft with pilot’s-side or dual Garmin G600 electronic flight and multifunction display systems. And now the same is happening with the GTN series.

“Twin Commanders are the best and the brightest,” he added. “They are legacy airplanes in the finest sense of the word—a proven design, best-in-class performance, highly respected, and superbly supported. At the same time they are the brightest—absolutely state-of-the-art, representing the highest level of contemporary development thanks to the Honeywell TPE331-10T engine upgrade, the Grand Renaissance airframe makeover, and as the G600 and GTN series upgrades demonstrate, an array of technologically contemporary options for the cockpit.”

For more information contact Matt Isley at 919-956-4323