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July, 2011 – Dallas, TX -- Aircraft Security & Alert Systems, the manufacturer of custom-designed Medeco locks for aircraft, recently announced their FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) for locking systems for the Embraer Phenom aircraft. The new series of locks are available for install on both Phenom 100 and 300 models and include up to nine individual locks for the pilot’s, co-pilot’s, and all exterior panels.

Since 1981, the company has been manufacturing similar high security Medeco locks for most aircraft manufactures either as standard equipment, as an option at the completion centers or as replacement lock for older aircraft. The new locks are custom engineered for each application as a direct replacement and always align vertically when in the locked position so that pilots can tell at a glance that all doors and panels are properly locked.

“Phenom operators like Executive AirShare, more than expressed interest in getting our locks, they asked me to design a set for the Phenom because they already had our locks on the rest of their fleet and they wanted them on the Phenom fleet too,” commented Jim Jetton, President of AS&AS. “The standard locks on many aircraft are surprisingly easy to open with only a similarly shaped key so most operators want something more secure,” says Jetton.

Medeco locks are virtually impossible to pick, drill through or to pry off an aircraft. Whereas standard locks are built of pot metal that will easily bend or break under force, Medeco locks are made of hardened steel. Standard locks have only one set of tumblers. Medeco locks have two sets and keys are bi-directionally cut, both vertically and horizontally. Duplicate keys can only be produced by Aircraft Security and Alert and only for the documented owner of an aircraft.

“Our fractional owners have access to their aircraft on a ‘per day’ basis, meaning that the aircraft may make multiple stops in a given day, often at out-of-the-way airfields where there may not be an FBO or other protected location,” said Keith D. Plumb, president and chief operating officer, Executive AirShare. “Securing the aircraft and its contents is an important element in our ensuring the highest quality experience for our owners, and the Aircraft Security & Alert Systems locks provide us with real peace of mind.”

The company can code a fleet of aircraft to one key, allowing line pilots to access multiple aircraft. New keys and locks can be shipped quickly to the purchaser of a pre-owned aircraft to ensure access control.

About Aircraft Security and Alert Systems

Dallas, Texas-based Aircraft Security and Alert Systems has provided advanced locking systems to Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker Beech, Mooney and Piper aircraft since 1981. Its distinctive locking systems are Parts Manufacturer Approved (PMA) under FAA approval and standard on many production business aircraft as well as for retrofit on most turbine business aircraft models. The company is also supplies Tamper Evident Tape that does not leave residue when removed. For more details on Aircraft Security and Alert Systems go to