Jerry Livezey Joins the Aero Dynamix Team

Aero Dynamix is very pleased to announce that long time aerospace professional Jerry Livezey has joined the team. Jerry will be concentrating on customer support and sales. Livezey made the move to Aero Dynamix in June.

Dennis Trout, Aero Dynamix general manager, said, “We’re very excited to have Jerry on board. He has a tremendous amount of experience in many facets of the aviation industry. Jerry started off in 1966 in the aviation industry and has owned many aviation related businesses finally selling his last one in 2007. Where can you find that kind of experience?” Dennis continued “We are really strengthening the team here at Aero Dynamix and Jerry as an addition was a critical part of our growth. It is exciting to see us in a position that we can continue to attract this kind of industry leading talent.”

Based in Euless, Texas (in the Dallas-Fort Worth area), Aero Dynamix is an innovator in helicopter cockpit lighting modifications for NVG operations. The company holds 25 supplemental type certificates for NVG cockpit lighting modifications on 37 different aircraft as well as two EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) validations for NVG cockpits. The company is just completing a major expansion that will further enhance its capabilities.

Livezey has an extensive professional background in aircraft completions, manufacturing, operations and marketing with 45 years of aviation experience. After owning his own businesses for over 40 years he transitioned into consulting for a variety of companies bringing the benefit of his vast experiences to many different places.

“I consulted for Aero Dynamix early in my consulting career,” said Livezey. “I had always kept an eye on them. I kept watching the growth and the exciting things going on there and decided that they are a team and a company that I had to become a part of. I am very, very excited to have this opportunity.”

In discussing why joining Aero Dynamix was so important to him Livezey said “This place has such a positive energy that it is a true pleasure to walk into work every day. I have obviously always tried to create that kind of energy at the businesses I owned and when you hit that right spot and everything is running like it is here you know you have a long term winner on your hands.”

“The NVG world is really changing and growing” said Livezey. He pointed towards recent regulations enacted by the FAA to improve safety. “My primary focus is to help the current customer and make their experience so good they have to come back. Right now I am working on a program to assist customers who are evaluating their aircraft to assure compliance with the current FAA regulations.”


Aero Dynamix Inc. is located in Euless, Texas, and is the industry leader in NVG cockpit modifications. Aero Dynamix currently holds 25 Supplemental Type Certificates involving 37 different aircraft along with two EASA certificates. (