Sherwin-Williams Aerospace SKYscapes Basecoat Repair Additive Makes Fast Dry Times Even Faster

Andover, Kan. – The Sherwin-Williams Aerospace SKYscapes™ basecoat-clearcoat system now features the option of including a new repair additive (CM0850RA9) to decrease dry to tape times when it comes to SKYscapes basecoat repairs.

Typically utilized in smaller, exterior surface repairs of commercial and general aviation aircraft, the new repair additive provides several available options to vary dry and recoat time requirements – down to as low as 15 minutes (based on the dry film thickness of 2.0 mils).

Easy to mix and designed for quick repairs on solid, metallic and mica finishes, the SKYscapes basecoat repair additive requires no baking and dries quickly at ambient temperatures. It is part of a system that meets or exceeds the BMS-10-72 and AMS 3095 specifications.

In addition to quick repairs, the SKYscapes basecoat-clearcoat system provides overall material savings with its specially formulated resins that feature richer color and higher gloss retention. It provides improved hiding with thinner films on bright, multi-colored liveries and means longer lasting coverage and durability. With these benefits, aircraft can have more “in-service” time, allowing for more time between paint jobs. And when planes look better longer – it means an improved airline brand image.

As noted, quick turnaround means labor savings, and new SKYscapes exterior coating system has a basecoat that dries in approximately two hours, rather than the six to 10 hours that traditional single-stage systems require. While the new repair additive provides even faster than two hour dry times, the SKYscapes basecoat recoat time can still last up to 72 hours. This dramatically reduces the need for sanding between coats. Repair time is simplified because clearcoat finishes can be buffed and touched-up much easier than pigmented coatings, and there are no color matching worries. In addition, cleaning clearcoat finishes is easier than pigmented coatings.

An important resource savings standpoint, baking between topcoat layers is not required. This should significantly reduce energy consumption at traditional paint facilities.

“With SKYscapes basecoat-clearcoat system, we feel as though we hit a crucial three-pointer for our customers,” said J. Marc Taylor, Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Director of Sales. “Shops should see immediate drop off in materials used, resources consumed and labor exerted. Commercial airlines and fleet owners will see their aircraft painted with SKYscapes basecoat-clearcoat system get into – and out of – the paint shop faster, and into the air. And that all helps the appearance of everyone’s bottom line.”

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