Avidyne Expands DFC90 Autopilot Upgrade to Include C182, Bonanza & Baron

The DFC90 is currently certified for Entegra-equipped Cirrus SR20s and SR22s, and Avidyne is nearing certification of the DFC90 for Piper PA-46 Matrix and Mirage aircraft.

EAA AirVenture – OSHKOSH – July 25, 2011-– Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, announced today that they are expanding the available market for the DFC90 Digital Flight Control System to include the Cessna 182, Beechcraft Bonanza and Beechcraft Baron models. The DFC90 is currently certified for Entegra-equipped Cirrus SR20s and SR22s, and Avidyne is nearing certification of the DFC90 for Piper PA-46 Matrix and Mirage aircraft.

“Avidyne previously announced plans to interface the DFC90 with the Aspen EFD1000 series integrated flight displays — initially in a Cirrus — and we are on track for certification in the C182, Bonanza, and Baron, which will open the DFC90 to much larger number of aircraft,” said Patrick Herguth, Avidyne’s Chief Operating Officer. “The attitude-based DFC90 provides considerable performance and safety benefits and its plug-and-play capability will make it an affordable and attractive upgrade option for many aircraft owners.”

“The DFC90 has proven to be an incredibly successful product for Avidyne, and we certainly want to be able to make it available for a wide variety of general aviation aircraft,” said Avidyne President and CEO, Dan Schwinn. “We have had tremendous success with the DFC90 in the Cirrus market, and we fully expect to see lots of enthusiasm among other aircraft owners as we continue to expand the list of eligible aircraft.”

The DFC90 adds the precision and reliability of an attitude-based flight control system, along with Indicated Airspeed Hold (IAS Hold), which is a preferred method for climbing and descending while on autopilot. In addition, the DFC90 provides the safety enhancements of the ‘Straight & Level’ mode and Flight Envelope Protection & Alerting.

About the DFC90

The DFC90 is an attitude-based digital autopilot system that is designed as a plug-and-play replacement for a growing list of aircraft with legacy autopilots. Depending on the configuration of the legacy systems, the DFC90 will make use of existing servos, brackets, trays, and wiring as is practical in order to minimize installation cost and downtime.

The DFC90 has all the standard vertical and lateral modes of operation of a turbine-class autopilot system, including Flight Director (FD), Altitude Hold (ALT), Airspeed Hold (IAS), Vertical Speed Hold (VS), Heading (HDG), Navigation (NAV, APPR, LOC/GS, GPSS), and Control Wheel Steering (CWS).

Customers upgrading to the DFC90 will notice several major performance and feature improvements including:

1. Greatly improved stability due to the use of attitude data to control the autopilot inner control loops. This is particularly evident and important when tracking an ILS to minimums in windy conditions –especially when upgrading from a rate-based system.

2. The new Indicated Airspeed Hold (IAS) vertical mode includes a dedicated Airspeed knob and a new airspeed bug on the PFD, and provides a preferred way to make Flight Level changes.

3. The flight director capability of the DFC90 is vastly improved and greatly improves the ability to hand-fly approaches – especially when upgrading from a rate-based system.

4. The“Straight & Level” button overrides all autopilot modes and levels the aircraft in both pitch and roll from a wide range of capture attitudes for an added measure of safety.

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