“Aviation’s Come a Long Way” Says Country Music Superstar and Highly Experienced Airman Aaron Tippin

NASHVILLE, T.N.- Friday August 19th aviators across the globe invite you to celebrate the pioneers of aviation on National Aviation Day. A true pioneer himself, Aaron Tippin celebrates the fact that no other country music singer can fly a B-29 airplane to his own concert and then step out of it and perform his hits on the wing. Tippin grew up in aviation and loves it even more today and that is why National Aviation Day is so important to him.

Tippin says, “My dad was a pilot, so flying and airplanes are in my blood. Flying was just the Tippin thing to do. I started working at the airport when I was fourteen; I flew solo and got my private license at 16; got my commercial and multi-IFR at 18 . In the past I’ve owned a Cessna 150, Cessna 182, three Cessna 185’s, a Cessna195, two Decathlons, a Chipmunk, a Wilga, a T28, a Great Lakes biplane and a Bell 206 Jet Ranger.”

A certified aircraft and power plant mechanic, Aaron currently owns a 1941 Stearman, a 1946 J3 Cub and 1959 Helio Curior--all in “Tip-Top” flying condition. He has his own personal hanger and landing strip on his 500 plus acre farm; he is helicopter-qualified and is in training to fly a B-29.

Aaron serves as CAF Spokesman; he dedicates his time and talents appearing and performing at various Commemorative Air Force events across the country and recently announced the launch of the Red, White & Loud Tour celebrating America’s freedom through song and the return of the world’s most famous war bird, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, FIFI. Tippin and FIFI will tour in 2011. Aaron has almost completed his training on the B-29.

Tippin says, “It’s important for the younger generation to learn about aviation. They need to know the history including the efforts of the Wright brothers, Amelia Earhart and other aviation pioneers. In addition to that they can learn about airplanes and other means of flight, as well as what careers are within the aviation industry. Keep the spirit of aviation alive.”

For more information about the artist Aaron Tippin visit him online at www.aarontippin.com