BLR Aerospace Certifies New King Air 200GT Ultimate Performance Package™

EVERETT, Wa., August 8, 2011 – BLR Aerospace, an industry-leading provider of performance enhancement systems for OEMs including Hawker Beechcraft and Bell Helicopter, has earned Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification for its new Ultimate Performance Package™ (UPP) for the King Air 200GT twin turboprop aircraft.

The Ultimate Performance Package was developed in partnership with Hawker Beechcraft Corporation and includes the BLR Winglet System, Hartzell’s latest 4-blade composite propeller, and the Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System. Each individual system has already earned a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and these have been integrated under BLR’s Ultimate Performance Package STC, which includes an FAA-certified Flight Manual Supplement allowing operators to take full advantage of the combined performance improvements. EASA and ANAC certification is pending.

Hawker Beechcraft is marketing the same aftermarket upgrade as the 200GTR. In a recent interview with Flightglobal, Brian Howell, vice president for strategic aftermarket integration for Hawker Beechcraft Services Global Customer Support, likened the GTR’s enhanced performance to that of a King Air 250. "The upgrade makes the aircraft a King Air 250," said Howell. “It can take-off from a 2,100ft [640m] runway giving it access to 1,100 more airports worldwide than the B200GT,” he said, adding that it provides additional safety margin and operational flexibility on longer fields.

“The Ultimate Performance Package is just that,” said Dave Marone, BLR’s vice president of Sales and Marketing. “These certified upgrades provide measurable advantages that combine to multiply productivity for operators who demand the most from their assets.”

With the package installed, modified King Air 200GTs can take off at sea level over a 50-foot obstacle in 2,100 feet, which is 23 percent (400 feet) less than a standard aircraft, opening smaller runways previously inaccessible to King Air 200GTs. In addition, the UPP installation reduces fuel burn by nearly eight percent in climb; increases maximum mach operating speed up to 36 knots for faster descent; and increases range by over 225 nautical miles at max range power.

The BLR Winglet System adds lightweight, composite winglets and a small wing span extension, reducing drag and improving low-speed handling. This translates into fuel savings or increased climb and cruise speeds and high altitude stability, as well as lower takeoff and landing speeds that widen safety margins and improve short-field performance.

The Ram Air Recovery System enhances induction, which allows the PT6A-52 engine to maintain more available torque at higher density altitudes.

The Hartzell 4-blade composite propeller, with 93-inch blade diameter, reduces weight and contributes to improved short field and climb performance, while providing the strength and durability expected from modern composites.

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