Becker Avionics Introduces a New Maritime VHF Dual Band Transceiver for the Polycon Wireless Intercom Extension System

The MP20 dual-band transceiver now features a Maritime VHF radio component in addition to the UHF radio used for communication with the aircraft intercom system.

Miramar, FL – August 15, 2011 – Becker Avionics the partner of Axnes Aviation AS for sales and marketing, as well as product support services for the Polycon Wireless Extension System for North and South America, announced the introduction of the new Maritime VHF Dual-Band Transceiver for the Polycon Wireless Intercom Extension System.

The new MP20 dual-band transceiver now features a Maritime VHF radio component in addition to the UHF radio used for communication with the aircraft intercom system. The Maritime VHF will provide a backup communication channel in the case an external crewmember should want to communicate directly with a vessel, or as a backup communication option if the aircraft for any reason needs to relocate out of range of the external crewmember(s).

Brett Gardner, Director of Sales and Marketing stated “With the MP20 Transceiver now providing extra Maritime VHF channels, operators will have the advantage of combining two radios in one, reducing the number of radios that external crew members need to carry and, thus increase safety and comfort through reduced system complexity and weight.”

The new Polycon MP20 Dual-Band Transceiver is fully compatible with the standard Polycon MP20 single band transceiver version, and can be used in mixed combination between both. Externally, there are some slight changes setting the single and dual band units apart:

• a longer antenna (1 cm)

• a black rubber front PTT button

About Polycon Wireless Intercom System

Polycon communication system was developed by professionals, for professionals and its superior performance and unique patented features are unmatched by competitors. The Polycon system was also developed in close cooperation with professional Search and Rescue (SAR) teams. The system fully integrates the external operating crew into the aircraft intercom system and provides increased situational awareness and constant un-interrupted communication between crewmembers which is critical to mission execution. The Polycon system has become standard equipment in SAR helicopters from major European helicopter manufacturers and other aircraft OEMs.

Features include:

• Wireless Intercom Extension

• Waterproof design (1m)

• Rugged construction

• Long Range (10-15 nm)

• Effective Noise Canceling technology

• Hands Free Operation

• Accurate and Dependable Voice Activation technology

• Casualty Communication

• Multiple Aircraft Certifications

• Small Physical Size (Base Station & Transceiver)

The System provides semi-duplex communication, based on 16 optional channels (Standard 409 – 419 MHz, UHF). Additionally, the system provides two operational modes, PTT operation or ‘No Interrupt’ Voice X-mission (NIVOX) activation and allows for TX output power adjustment up to 0.5 W.

The mobile transceiver is waterproof to 1 meter (3 feet), or up to 24 hours in a submersion vest. With its integral microphone built into the mobile transceiver, helmet removal is not required to speak to a casualty/patient.

The unique patented antenna (isotropic radiation non-directional) provides outstanding performance, and a typical range with external antenna of up to 10 – 15 NM, or line of sight.

LThe Aircraft Mounted Base Station is qualified to RTCA DO-160D, with installations flying on the most popular SAR Helicopters, such as the EC135, EC145, AS332L2 / EC225, S-76, S-92, and AW139.

The Polycon system is also used in other applications, such as:

• Mechanics working with running engines

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