LoPresti Aviation Engineering Debuts Its Latest Innovation

Sebastian, Florida - August 22, 2011 - During the annual Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) convention, representatives of LoPresti Aviation Engineering unveiled the company's latest innovation for general aviation; the new "NeverFlat Lifesaver" aircraft tire.

"We named it the NeverFlat because that's what it does - it never goes flat," Rj Siegel, LoPresti's CEO said. "It's the first aviation tire with a wound carbon fiber band embedded in the circumference of the tire. It's just about impossible to puncture this tire and even if you could it still wouldn't go flat. It's an unpressurized system with load and suspension characteristics matched to the aircraft's needs."

Siegel explained that first product is specifically mated to the takeoff and landing performance of the popular Cirrus SR20 and the SR22.

"Cirrus owners sit right at the leading edge of technology and they have always received our products with great enthusiasm," he said. "We expect no less with this exciting new tire. We consider it as profound as seatbelts. 99% of seatbelt wearers have never had their lives saved by wearing them but those who have, consider the technology indispensable. Similarly, 99% of pilots have never veered off the runway with a flat tire, but those who have are first in line for this next great safety product."

"Using this new proprietary technology we've seen improved tire performance in all measurable areas. Wear, traction and rolling resistance," Siegel added. "We are so confident in the NeverFlat tires, we are offering them with a ten-year warranty against a flat."

Siegel said that the new NeverFlat Lifesaver tires are in their final design stages and the company expects them to be available to Cirrus SR20 and SR22 owners in late December 2011.

For more information, contact Rj Siegel, LoPresti Aviation Engineering. 800-859-4757.