American Airlines COO To Present At Boyd Summit

Attendees of the Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit, August 24-26, will have the opportunity to interact with Robert Isom of the New American Airlines. The Merger with US Airways has changed the competitive landscape - the combined entity is not only the largest airline but potentially a new global power that will open new markets and new economic growth to communities across the United States.

Isom oversees all aspects of American's operations, including customer service, flight operations, maintenance, regional carrier management, cargo, safety and security. Previously, Isom served as executive vice president and chief operating officer at US Airways. 

One of the key perspectives expressed by Isom is the concept of operational excellence - not just meeting standards. The DOT may give a pass to flights 14 minutes late, but  Isom and the new AA have a different idea - aim for A+0, not DOT standards. It dovetails well with the outline presented by Boyd Group International at past Summits - manage minutes, and you manage all other airline operational costs.

Isom will share his thoughts on operational excellence and more at the Summit on Tuesday, August 26.

The Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit will take place August 24-26 at the Wynn in Las Vegas. To learn more about the packed agenda and its high-level speakers visit