Restorers of Antique Aircraft Featured at IMAX Theater

July 10--An Ohio-based film crew that includes two Wright State University motion picture alums are responsible for a new series of television documentaries now showing on the Air Force Museum's giant IMAX screen.

The programs, entitled "The Restorers," tell the stories of the men and women who restore antique aircraft. The five-part series showcases individuals who use their re-built aircraft as tools to teach and promote aviation history.

The primary filmmaking team includes director Adam White and camera operator Amy Faust. Both attended WSU's film program. White's wife, Kara, serves as producer.

A premiere event is slated for Saturday afternoon, July 12 when their episode entitled "Living History" will be screened at 4 p.m. Members of the production crew will be in attendance, along with veterans Ralph Lynn, a B24 Bomber co-pilot, and Jim "Pee Wee Martin," of the 101st Airborne Division. A Q&A session will follow the screening.

"I made my first documentary about 11 years ago titled "The Restorers -- They Were All Volunteers," which aired on PBS in Northeast Ohio back then," White says. "As I dove into the subject, it became fairly clear that there was a lot of substance, a lot of information, that just hasn't been ever told. Or, at least, not told enough."

He determined to create an entire television series.

"There were just too many stories about airplane restoration to fit into just one-hour," White says. "It took me a while, but we are now creating the series, 'The Restorers.' " The first season has five one-hour episodes, each themed around a particular aspect of aviation restoration. The series was filmed in 4K resolution, the new "ultra-high def."

White says the Air Force Museum has been kind enough to screen the first five episodes this year, and will feature a new episode each month. In April, because it was timely, the segment about the Doolittle Raiders was shown.

July will feature "Living History," a segment about those who use aircraft to reenact moments and lives connected to aviation history.

"Aside from flying being a great experience, aviation has spurred great creative thinking and heroic deeds as a people," says White about his fascination with aviation. " The people involved in aviation the past 111 years have countless stories to be told, and these aircraft are a way to tell these stories."

White says he really enjoys the story-telling aspect of filmmaking and enjoys crafting the piece in a way that will let the audience understand the importance of a moment.

"If that can happen," he says, " then the process gets really fun."

Current episode

White, 43, says the never before seen episode "Living History" -- screening at the IMAX theater twice daily every day in July -- follows three complimentary stories:

Tora Tora Tora: A group that re-enacts the events of Pearl Harbor at airshows nationwide with high-performance historic aircraft.

Bomber Crew Fantasy Camp: A place where the public can sign up to re-live the sights and sounds of being a B-24 bomber crew member.

WWII Airborne Demo Team: Team members who train and parachute out of a historic aircraft ...WWII-style.

In August, Imax will be showing White's segment titled "Aircraft Recovery." September will highlight "Aviation Destinations" and October will feature "The Aviatrix."

White says the hope is to have the entire series, produced by Cleveland-based Hemlock Films, air nationally on television.

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