American Airlines To Build New Operations Center Near Headquarters

June 04--American Airlines plans to build a new integrated operations control center near its existing headquarters in Fort Worth, the company said Wednesday.

The carrier previously announced that it would consolidate its US Airways operation center near Pittsburgh with its facility in Fort Worth. Since then, American said, it realized it needed more space for the combined operation, which will manage the day-to-day operations of its flight network including flight dispatching, maintenance delays, load planning for aircraft and rerouting of aircraft when bad weather occurs.

"It became apparent that the best long-term solution is a new, state-of-the-art facility that can house all of our team members and the technology needed for our daily demands," the carrier said in a letter sent to employees.

American, which has about 24,000 employees in North Texas, said it wants to break ground on the new building within the next 30 days pending local government approvals. The airline anticipates moving into the new building by the third quarter of 2015. It did not disclose the exact location of the new building.

The city of Fort Worth declined to comment on whether it had received any requests for building permits for the new facility or for any tax incentives for the project.

About 600 employees in Pittsburgh were told in January about the closure of US Airways operations center and have been offered positions in Fort Worth if they choose to relocate. American's operations center also currently employs 600 workers.

"Consolidating our two operations centers, locating the team near our primary flight training center and our corporate headquarters, was the right decision for our business and our customers," the company said.

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