Arkansas Man Charged With Security Violation Leading To Metro Airport Lockdown

May 30--An Arkansas man was charged with a misdemeanor after a security incident that put Detroit Metropolitan Airport on lockdown Thursday night for more than two hours.

Christian Smith, 22, was arrested and received a citation for violating an airport ordinance prohibiting people from entering a controlled-access area without passing through security, said airport spokesman Michael Conway.

Smith, who arrived in a plane from Little Rock and missed a connecting flight to Los Angeles, is believed to have exited the airport and walked back in without going through security, according to officials with the airport and TSA.

At least 33 flights were delayed but eventually departed Thursday night, as the area through which the man entered was thoroughly swept for threats and as gates were used to isolate people from the scene.

The latter measure, frustrating passengers and people visiting the airport to pick them up, prevented further delays resulting from re-screening people already inside, airport spokesman Michael Conway said. The lockdown lasted from about 8:45 p.m. to 11:16 p.m.

Smith was released Friday morning after posting bond, Conway said.

By then, airport operations were back to normal.

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