City of Kissimmee Announces Completion Of Gateway Airport Runway

KISSIMMEE, Fla. (May 19, 2014) — The City of Kissimmee Gateway Airport announces that the construction on Runway 06/24 is coming to a close.  The construction is coming into its final phase, which will include cutting grooves into the new asphalt to improve braking action. While this work will take place during normal business hours during the week of May 29 thru June 1, there is a potential for noise and vibration to be encountered by those in close proximity to the airport.  The runway is expected to return to normal operations by Friday, June 6. 

Runway 06/24 is only operated when strong winds blow out of the east or west, or when the main runway is closed for maintenance or aircraft emergencies, however these events can mean the runway is used continuously for several days at a time.

The $2.7 million dollar project, funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, Florida Department of Transportation and Kissimmee Gateway Airport funds, was the first major resurfacing since the 1980’s, and the new LED airfield lights installed as part of the project will generate significant energy savings.