United's On-time Ratings Fall Short Of 80% Goal In March

May 13--On-time rates in March for airlines dominant in the Chicago region recovered from weather-induced tardiness of January and February, but they were still not stellar.

For example, Chicago-based United Airlines was on time nationwide 79.4 percent of the time, according to new data from the U.S. Department of Transportation released Tuesday. That ranked United sixth among 12 airlines and missed its internal goal of 80 percent. However, it was above the overall average of 77.6 percent.

American Airlines, boosted slightly by US Airways' on-time rate, ranked fifth overall at 80.5 percent on-time.

Southwest Airlines, the dominant carrier at Chicago Midway airport, continued to struggle in March with an on-time rate of just 72.9 percent. Not counting data from its merger partner AirTran Airways, Southwest's on-time rate in March would have been even worse, 72.2 percent. Southwest ranked 11th of 12 airlines.

Chicago airports didn't fare well either.

Flights departing Chicago O'Hare were on time 72.3 percent of the time in March, while flights out of Midway left on time only 65.9 percent of the time.

Hawaiian, Alaska, Virgin America and Delta Air Lines were the top four airlines for being on time in March.


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