Denver Airport Project Costs Rise 5-10 Percent, Passing $700 Million

On Monday, airport spokeswoman Stacey Stegman confirmed that overall project costs could grow 5 percent to 10 percent. That could raise the cost of building a hotel, public plaza and train station to as much as $598 million, up from $544 million.

That new estimate does not count $128 million in what the airport calls other, related costs such as new bridges to the terminal and a $54 million dispute with the Regional Transportation District over the train station. Stegman said those costs could increase by $4 million to $8 million as

The latest cost increase would put a project once budgeted at $500 million into a new range of $703 million to $730 million, counting related costs.
"A lot of it has to do with economic conditions," Stegman said. As the economy improved, "labor and material costs have increased."

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