Menzies Faces Possible Termination At LAX Over Ramp Agent's Death, Baggage Thefts

The Los Angeles Airport Commission last week decided to skip a closed-session discussion on the possible termination of a ground services contract with Menzies Aviation.

Menzies, a British company providing ground services at airports worldwide, has been a target of a Cal/OSHA investigation since the Feb. 21 death of a baggage cart driver Carlos Augusto Valenzuela on a service road.

Some of its employees also have been questioned as part of a probe into thefts from passenger luggage at LAX.

Members of the Airport Commission, which oversees LAX and other city-owned airports managed by Los Angeles World Airports, declined to comment on why the commission scheduled a discussion on the legal impacts of ending Menzies’ contract at LAX.

While the Brown Act requires governmental bodies to conduct its business in public, an exemption is granted for matters involving litigation.