Menzies Ramp Agent In Fatal Accident Was Not Wearing Seatbelt, Says Menzies

The baggage tractor driver at Los Angeles International Airport who died in a February airfield accident was not wearing a seat belt, a violation of company policy and federal guidelines, a representative for his employer said.

The death of Menzies Aviation employee Cesar Valenzuela on Feb. 21 highlights a problem that airport workers know well. Driving a baggage tractor can be a hazardous job, made even more dangerous when workers — who are often in a rush — neglect to wear seat belts.

Cal-OSHA is investigating Valenzuela’s death — a spokesman said the report is not yet complete — but an early statement from the airport indicated he lost control on an airport service road. There were no other vehicles involved. At the time, a Coroner’s Department spokesman suggested Valenzuela, 51, may have then fallen out of the tug.

There have been other recent tug accidents at LAX, according to results from a California Public Records Act request.

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