Port Columbus Completes Second Phase Of Terminal Modernization

Port Columbus said it has concluded the second phase of its terminal modernization with upgrades to Concourse C, which offers 11 gates serving Delta and international passengers. Two of five terminal modernization phases are now complete.

"Passenger reaction to the contemporary appearance, terrazzo flooring, enhanced lighting and remodeled restrooms has been extremely positive," said Elaine Roberts, president and CEO of the Columbus Regional Airport Authority, which operates the airport.

The $80 million terminal modernization program, which kicked off in Concourse A in late 2012, will be completed in 2016 and upgrade all three concourses, the ticket lobby and baggage claim. While aesthetics and customer convenience constitute major aspects of Port Columbus' extensive modernization project, significant mechanical equipment updates offer comfort factors that help the concourse function more efficiently. These systems and multiple technological enhancements, including telecommunications, tie into a newly built and independently powered data center equipped with environmental controls and 24/7 monitoring capabilities, airport officials said.

With Concourses A and C completed, modernization efforts are now underway in Concourse B and in the ticket lobby, starting with the expansion of the Concourse A checkpoint. Ticket lobby work will include extensive renovations such as removing sections of the roof to add skylights, pouring new terrazzo flooring, and building new ticket counters.