Efficient Management Of Airport Infrastructures And Passenger Satisfaction, Objective Of The Solutions Ikusi Presents At Passenger Terminal

Ikusi will reveal its updated solutions for the airport sector at Passenger Terminal

Ikusi will attend the next edition of Passenger Terminal in Barcelona to reveal its updated range of solutions for the airport sector. Proposals designed to improve the profitability of airport infrastructures, by increasing process efficiency, increasing non-airport revenue, improving security and strategic planning. All of this whilst increasing passenger satisfaction and the passenger experience. A comprehensive proposal that Ikusi has reflected in its slogan: Efficient airports, happy travelers

Among the full range of solutions that Ikusi presents at Passenger Terminal we can highlight two proposals that have already demonstrated their benefits in different airports around the world.

One is the Passenger Information Suite. A complete solution in which the FIDS is particularly relevant, and which now supports the new intelligent controllers technology embedded in the information monitors, resulting in a reduction in costs (TCO) whilst facilitating the maintenance of the infrastructure. Another of the new features it incorporates is the ability for the operator to share information with other agents in the airport business (airlines, handling agents...) and in a mobile environment (smartphones, tablets…).

However, the innovations do not stop there. Ikusi’s Passenger Information Suite has also been designed to make the FIDS compatible with an advertising content module that makes the installation of the system profitable through direct revenue from advertising and indirect revenue from increased commercial activity.

The Passenger Information Suite is completed with a public address system that uses both automatic pre-recorded and text-to-speech messages in various languages ??and dialects and an information system in interactive booths throughout the airport resulting in an improved passenger experience.

On the other hand, and along the lines of facilitating the implementation and profitability of the system by the airport operator, Ikusi’s passenger information suite is ready to work in local or remote hosting environments and with operating models adapted to the each client’s needs. 

SCOP, a tool for the management of the airport business

Another of the lines of Ikusi’s strategic offer is the Process Control and Optimization System (SCOP). Following the A-CDM philosophy, based on the definition of the airport’s different processes, SCOP establishes indicators, metrics, alarms and actions by connecting data and signals from any system used in the airport environment.


From the multiple data available on each of the individual applications that are used to manage each process, SCOP obtains real-time management information, connecting inputs from any of the existing data sources, and acts, reacts and manages according to the actual circumstances at each time, adjusting the operation and the resources to the airport’s real-time demand.


SCOP’s field of action includes three main processes of the sector: aircraft, baggage and passengers. With immediate application in the optimization and management of operational processes related to the aircraft’s whole process from approach to take-off, the lateral processes of supplying and maintaining the aircraft, the assigning of check-in, boarding and arrival resources, immigration, security, passenger and platform handling, optimizing business performance, measuring and control of quality levels achieved and offered at all times, etc. Ultimately, SCOP is an innovative tool with a holistic view of real-time airport management, which facilitates the action (not the re-action) of its managers and operators, and allows information to be shared among different stakeholders, leading to the overall optimum.

SCOP is also a software platform not connected to the use of any other specific sensing, hardware or operating system.



Ikusi, over 35 years of experience in the airport sector

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