Airport Technology Workshop To Be Held In Orlando January 29, 2014



Is your airport effectively utilizing technology to help enhance operations and reduce costs? The AAAE/ACC Airport Technology Workshop is geared for airport executives and managers not directly involved in implementing IT. The workshop will include new insights and considerations for addressing airport challenges and opportunities.  It will feature subject matter experts from airport management who will review technology applications and discuss experiences and lessons learned in selection, deployment and use of specific technologies employed to address issues at their respective airports. The workshop sessions will focus on finance and administration, planning and development and both airside and landside environments. 

Confirmed participants currently include representatives from the Greater Asheville Regional Airport Authority, City of Naples Airport Authority, Houston Airport System, Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority, Rapid City Regional Airport, Roanoke Regional Airport Commission, and Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

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The agenda includes four business focus sessions:

Session 1 – IT & Infrastructure Considerations for Airport Capital Improvement Programs

Jason Ellmore, Principal – Alanna Consulting Group (  Jason’s panel will focus on strategies and lessons learned from Airports on working within organizational constraints to receive funding to achieve IT & infrastructure objectives that will assist in optimizing facilities and generate new revenue streams.   Panel members  Orlando International Airport Authority’s Director of Capital Projects Kiel Barnekov and Tallahassee Regional Airport’s former Capital Program Manager (and current SEC-AAAE President) Michael Clow.

Session 2 – Airport Technology Planning

Mark Adams, – Ross & Baruzzini (   Mark’s panel will take it from the top in terms of how to think about and approach an airport IT program. Learn what works when it comes to getting buy-in, focus and useful results. And learn what doesn’t work, too! Speakers from Airport, Airline and Consulting perspectives will address pre-planning, timing, objectives, approaches and outcomes of airport technology planning.

Session 3 – Trending Airside Technologies

Neill Jobe, SVP – GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting (  Neill’s panel will focus on increasing airport efficiency with wireless and GIS  technologies to improve Part 139 inspection compliance, streamline daily workflows, and drive more informed decision making.  This session will take a closer look at the use of GIS technology and how it's being used to enhance safety and management across airfield operations from airport operators’ experiences.  Panelists include Advanced Wireless Group’s VP Business Development – Airports Scott Phillips and both Frank Salmon & Bill Stack from Atkins.

Session 4 – Trending Landside Technologies

Mark Sapp, SVP Business Development – AirIT (  Mark’s panel will focus on trending terminal optimization technologies that are helping airports contain costs, mitigate risks and generate revenue.  Anecdotal experiences and lessons learned will be shared from several perspectives including Bill & Hillary Clinton Little Rock National Airport’s Executive Director Ronald Mathieu, Greater Asheville Regional Airport Authority’s Director of Information Technology Royce Holden, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport’s Airport Properties Manager – Airlines Jim Kelly and NCR Corporation’s Manager of Business Development Adam Barringer.

To register as an attendee, you may register online or download a registration form and fax to (703) 797-9018 or via email to