UrgentRx® Announces New Retail Partnership with Allegiant® Air

DENVER, Dec. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- UrgentRx, developer of fast-acting over-the-counter flavored powder medication, announced today a new partnership with Allegiant Air, one of the country's largest low cost carriers. Allegiant will be the first airline to sell UrgentRx® Fast Powders™ on-board its flights, available for $2 per individual package, making fast pain relief convenient and affordable to Allegiant's millions of passengers.

"We recognized a need in the marketplace for immediate relief from common sicknesses that put travelers in great discomfort," stated Jordan Eisenberg, founder and President of UrgentRx. "A partnership between the two companies is a natural fit, given that both UrgentRx and Allegiant Air share the same goal; ensuring consumers are safe and comfortable whenever, wherever, even while 30,000 feet in the sky."

UrgentRx acknowledged a vast demand for OTC aid, especially in a situation where consumers have little to no control of an immediate resolution. By capitalizing on unused space in the snack carts, UrgentRx can offer airlines the opportunity to gain new revenue while also providing consumers with immediate care.  With no water required, the credit card-sized packet provides consumers with unmet portability and accessibility for Right Now Relief™. UrgentRx sells six varieties of flavored powder medication for fast, on-the-go use: Headache Relief to Go™, Heartburn Relief to Go™, Upset Stomach Relief to Go™, Ache & Pain Relief to Go™, Allergy Attack Relief to Go™, and Critical Care Aspirin to Go™.

Research shows that taking 325mg of aspirin while experiencing heart attack symptoms can greatly increase survival rates. The Critical Care Aspirin product contains the recommended 325mg dose of aspirin, which is especially important on airplanes where no emergency facilities are immediately available. Because UrgentRx is in powder form and can be used without water, it's easier, faster to administer and saves valuable time in an emergency situation. Having UrgentRx Critical Care Aspirin for sale inflight is one simple step an airline can take to help its passengers deal with an unexpected illness onboard.

"We are pleased to offer our customers fast-acting over-the-counter medication for rapid relief," says Andrew Levy, President and Chief Operating Officer of Allegiant. "From take-off to landing, we want passengers to enjoy their flying experience. Providing travelers with easy-to-take over-the-counter relief of common discomforts is an easy way to make travel more comfortable, which is why we are excited to welcome UrgentRx on-board."

UrgentRx is making significant gains in distribution within Food, Drug, Mass and alternative channels (which also includes stores in major airports), more than tripling its store count in Q3 2013. UrgentRx has surpassed distribution into over 10,000 retail stores and is on track to add another 10,000 stores in the coming months. Whether on land or in-air, UrgentRx has achieved distribution to provide Right Now Relief nationwide.

About UrgentRx
UrgentRx is a line of fast-acting, portable OTC medications providing Right Now Relief for today's busy, on-the-go consumer.  UrgentRx® Fast Powders™ come in an innovative, fast-acting flavored powder format available in convenient, single-dose, credit card-sized packets for easier portability and accessibility.  The flavored powders can be taken without water, providing immediate relief whenever and wherever needed.  Initially developed for heart attack victims, UrgentRx currently produces medications for everyday ailments such as allergy attacks, headaches, aches and pains, heartburn, and upset stomach. Based in Denver, Colorado, UrgentRx was founded by entrepreneur Jordan Eisenberg in 2010. For more information, please visit www.urgentRx.com.

About Allegiant Travel Company
Las Vegas-based Allegiant Travel Company (NASDAQ: ALGT) is focused on linking travelers in small cities to world-class leisure destinations. The company operates a low-cost, high-efficiency, all-jet passenger airline through its subsidiary, Allegiant Air, while also offering other travel-related products such as hotel rooms, rental cars, and attraction tickets. All can be purchased through the company website, Allegiant.com. The company has been named one of America's 100 Best Small Companies by Forbes Magazine for four consecutive years. For downloadable press kit, including photos, visit: http://gofly.us/qSnWj.


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