AAAE Dedicates Headquarters Building to Chip Barclay

 AAAE Dedicates Headquarters Building to Chip Barclay

Alexandria, VA - In a ceremony this afternoon, the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) dedicated its headquarters building in Alexandria, VA to its long-time former leader Chip Barclay, who retired as President and CEO on December 1, 2013 after 30 years as the Association's top staff member.

A permanent plaque was placed in the building's fourth floor lobby that reads: "This building is dedicated to Charles M. Barclay, who served with distinction as President and CEO of the American Association of Airport Executives from 1983-2013. The success of the organization realized during his tenure is directly attributable to his vision, commitment, dedication and enlightened leadership. His legacy of excellence endures and The Barclay Building serves as a constant reminder of what can be achieved on behalf of the membership of AAAE by those who work and visit here.

AAAE Chair Mark Brewer, A.A.E., Airport Director at the Manchester - Boston Regional Airport, said today "Part of Chip's legacy has been significant investment over the years in infrastructure to better serve AAAE members. We've seen the results of those efforts during his tenure, and it's evident that his leadership in building AAAE will pay dividends for many generations of airport executives to come. The Barclay Building will serve as a long-standing testament to Chip's vision, his determination to innovate, and the role he played in making AAAE such a successful organization."

AAAE President and CEO Todd Hauptli added "Emerson wrote that 'An institution is the lengthened shadow of one man.' AAAE's leadership position in the aviation industry is owed to the remarkable three decade leadership of Chip Barclay. While he would be uncomfortable with that characterization, it is demonstrably true. The membership of AAAE and the staff all owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude and today's dedication of The Barclay Building is a celebration of his unique role in the history of AAAE."