Passenger Wakes Up Alone And In Locked United Express Plane

When Passenger Tom Wagner dozed off on his United Express flight on Dec. 6, he didn't expect to wake up and find everyone gone and the plane locked.

At least three dozen other passengers on the flight from Louisiana to Texas, plus the flight crew, failed to notice Wagner dozing in his seat and wake him up when they deplaned.

Wagner used his cell phone to call his girlfriend and asked her to call the airline. After his girlfriend called the airline, workers came onboard approximately a half an hour later to rescue Wagner.

The company said in a statement they’re currently investigating the incident.

United Express reportedly did not refund Wagner’s ticket. The company did, however, put him in a hotel room and issue him a $250 voucher. Wagner missed his connecting flight, but eventually made it to his destination in California.

similar incident happened to a woman on a United Express flight to Philadelphia in 2010.