Transaero Airlines Undertakes First Charity Flight of Hope

Passengers on Flights of Hope will be able to lend a helping hand to children suffering from life-threatening heart, brain and spine diseases by making donations for children supervised by the Life Line Charity Fund.

Life Line is a charity fund for seriously sick children, providing help for children aged up to 17 whose lives are threatened by serious diseases. The fund covers expenses for highly technical surgeries and the acquisition of expensive special treatment tools, which give children considerable life quality improvement as a minimum and absolute recovery at best. So far the Life Line Fund has saved more than 6140 children all over Russia. In total more than $41.9 mln has been raised for surgeries. This was made possible by the donations of dozens of Russian companies and the hundreds of thousands of people involved. 100% of money raised is used to treat children. The fund finances treatment for children all over Russia. More information can be found at

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