aviationexperts PCS designs individual OPS Control Systems for Airlines

Dreieich/Germany, November 4, 2013. With custom-designed OPS Control Systems, the Germany-based consultancy aviationexperts PCS offers airlines the opportunity to respond to the growing demands in the field of operations control. So far, mainly punctuality and stability of the flight schedule had to be ensured. But today the processes are increasingly considered from a cost point of view. With the support of aviationexperts, airlines obtain a state-of-the-art system which can always be adapted to changing requirements.

Operations controllers are challenged every day to make highly complex decisions within short periods of time, for example when it comes to delays due to poor weather conditions and thus to changes in the planned schedule. But today they are not only responsible for a timely and stable flight operation. In the last few years, they are in addition required to optimize the operational processes, because the airlines have to meet the increasing cost and competitive pressure. Essential for these diverse needs is a current OPS Control System (OCS), which helps them to keep track and make quality decisions.

For this purpose, aviationexperts offers a solution for airlines that do not want to make use of standard software. In close cooperation with the
airline the desired functions are designed. aviationexperts delivers the requirement management, the design and specification as well as the project and test management. Programming may be carried out by the airline's own or third-party software developers.

Thus, the Frankfurt-based consultancy offers a lower-cost alternative especially for small and medium-sized airlines. They can profit from the benefits of a new, customized OCS and adapt and amend the system whenever requirements change. The airlines receive a state-of-the-art system in terms of data processing, data provisioning and user friendliness that facilitates the work of the operations controller. When designing and setting up the system, the client’s established processes are taken into account. Development and follow-up costs remain low.

So-called OPS Control Systems (Operations Control systems, “OCS” for short) are used by the airlines to control the flight operation. They consist among other things of components for flight planning and control, the crew management and planning of maintenance events. With the help of an OCS, the operations controller ensures maximum stability and punctuality in flight operations. He can immediately react to external influences by cancelling or delaying flights or changing aircraft. OCS are increasingly being used for the optimization of processes and costs.