U.S. Patent Granted to AMS Fuel Solutions, LLC for Its Aircraft Fuel Optimization and Carbon Emissions Technology

DALLAS -- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved a patent (Patent Number 8,554,460) protecting AMS Fuel Solutions, LLC ("AMS")'s aircraft fuel optimization and carbon emissions technology for multi-trip routes. 

The goal of the technology is to minimize the total fuel cost for the entire trip while reducing the environmental impact. To do so, the system's intuitive modules work behind the scenes, filtering through real-time raw data. In less than 15 seconds, the system displays the suggested fuel upload, pricing and overall savings. 

States AMS's Managing Director, Anthony Struzik: "Receiving patent approval supports our ongoing mission to provide business aircraft owners and operators a smarter and faster method of achieving fuel efficiency."

The software's unique architecture and methodology is much more than just searching out the best fuel prices at the FBO, however. The multifaceted modules also promote efficiency by eliminating the complicated task of searching for the lowest fuel price at each leg of the trip. 

Struzik continues, "Through real-time technology and a sophisticated array of algorithms, we're helping minimize each flight's environmental impact by conserving fuel and reducing carbon emissions."

In addition to airplane flights, the patent includes alternatives that could help reduce operating costs in many other contexts. For example, other embodiments may be utilized for automobiles, long-haul truckers, luxury boats and the like.

Visit AMS Fuel Solutions, LLC's website to learn more about the patent: www.fuelApp1.com

About AMS Fuel Solutions, LLC

AMS's patented technology, with its embedded intelligence and built-in overrides, helps pilots, schedulers and flight departments determine the lowest cost trip routes and carbon footprint. Using real-time data, the smarter and faster patented technology automates the pre-flight planning process and then displays the results in an easy to read format in less than 15 seconds with several options to choose from. 

As a fuel optimization services company, AMS is constantly designing solutions with the end-user's perspective in mind by helping reduce their time spent in the flight-planning phase. This technology simplifies the trip reporting and accounting functions by reducing the burden on the staff as well.