Lone Star Executive Airport Breaks Ground on $16.4M Runway Extension

Lone Star Executive Airport in Conroe, Tex., has begun construction on a 1,500 ft. extension to the airport’s 6,000 ft. primary ILS runway.  When completed in June, the 7,500 ft. runway will feature new ILS and GPS approaches and provide adequate length for takeoffs during the Houston area summertime temperatures. The project, at a cost of $16.4M, also relocates 3,000 ft. of taxiway to meet clearance standards.  

The extension fulfills a great need at the airport. According to Airport Director Scott E. Smith, "During the four months of warmer weather in the Houston area, the airport often experiences temperatures in the upper 90s with high humidity, which is a limiting factor for aircraft performance at only 6,000 ft. of runway. The extension means that runway length will no longer be a limiting factor for stage lengths or take off weights for the many types of business aircraft that utilize the airport."