American Airlines to Hire 1,500 Pilots Over Next 5 Years

American Airlines recently announced plans to hire 1,500 pilots over the next five years as it expands international flying and takes delivery of new planes.

The AMR Corp unit, which has been operating under Chapter 11 protection since late 2011 and is looking to emerge from bankruptcy by merging with US Airways Group Inc, reports plans to post open jobs October 1 and start training in winter.

The carriers plans reportedly call for hiring and training 40 to 50 pilots a month beginning this winter. The airline also plans to hire and train 1,500 new flight attendants.

The hiring reflects operational needs, projected retirements and new FAA rules requiring increased experience and rest for pilots, American Airlines said in a statement.

Though in hiring mode, the carrier reported that this would not affect its merger plans.

While in Chapter 11, the carrier renegotiated plane leases, cut management and frozen pension plans to lower costs, and recently reported improved financial results for the month of August.