Stricken United Plane Captain Dies After Emergency Landing

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The stricken captain of a United Airlines flight that made an emergency landing died at a hospital, officials report.

The man was still alive when he arrived at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center but died overnight while undergoing treatment, spokeswoman Jennifer Krajnik said Friday.

A Boise airport spokeswoman said the captain suffered an apparent heart attack. The cause of death has not been announced. The airline did not give his name, citing privacy reasons.

Another off-duty United pilot was on-board the flight and assisted.

According to reports, United flight 1603 from Houston to Seattle diverted to Boise for the medical emergency. The flight landed safely about 8 p.m. local time and was met by paramedics who took the pilot to the hospital. The Boeing 737-900 had 161 passengers and a crew of six on board.

Passengers were put on another plane that landed at Sea-Tac Airport early Friday, just after midnight.

Passengers reported that an announcement asked if there was a doctor on board and someone went to the cockpit to help.