Denver International Airport Reimagines Cell Phone Waiting Lot with Opening of Final Approach

 Denver International Airport has reimagined the traditional cell phone waiting area with today’s opening of “Final Approach,” an innovative new facility that brings food, fuel and state-of-the-art amenities to drivers waiting to pick up passengers and other customers.

The cell phone waiting area has long been a staple of airports across the country, but Final Approach sets a new bar for airports everywhere. The facility includes four new dining choices: Dunkin’ Donuts, which includes a 24-hour drive-thru; zpizza, which offers organic ingredients; Subway restaurant and Baja Fresh Mexican Grill.

Additionally, the Final Approach facility offers:
•    132-percent more parking than the previous lot, with 253 parking spaces
•    Free Wi-Fi service in the building and parking lot
•    A children’s seating area with iPads built into tabletops with access to games
•    Lounge seating
•    Indoor restrooms
•    Eight flight information display boards
•    Convenient access to the adjacent Conoco fueling station

“Our customers asked for enhanced service, and today we are delivering,” said Kim Day, Denver’s Manager of Aviation. “Final Approach offers food, fuel, relaxation and flight information to the thousands of people who pick up arriving passengers here every day. This is just one of the innovative projects that is improving the experience for our passengers and maintaining our reputation as one of the world’s best airports.”

Final Approach is located at 7684 N. Wenatchee St, approximately three miles west of the Jeppesen Terminal and directly north of the previous waiting area along Peña Boulevard. It can be easily accessed via eastbound Peña Boulevard to 75th avenue and northbound Gun Club Road; westbound Peña Boulevard to Wenatchee Street; or from East 78th Avenue. New signs are posted along all access routes. The previous waiting area is now permanently closed.

The Final Approach building was constructed in part by repurposing a former automotive service station at the site. It also features LED lighting and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.

The cost of the approximately $7 million facility was paid for entirely by the site operator, Pacific Convenience & Fuels, with no cost to the airport or taxpayers. The facility is expected to generate more than $421,000 in revenue to the airport in its first year and will create about 120 jobs.

“Guests and travelers visiting the new food court and cell phone waiting lot will be greeted by a wide variety of high-quality food and exceptional service,” said John Sweeney, general manager of restaurant operations for Buon Hospitality, a division of Pacific Convenience & Fuels. “We are extremely proud of the part we have been able to play in adding this amenity to visitors to DIA. These convenient and unique services will help to set expectations for other airports around the world.”

The food court lobby will be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. The Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru window will operate 24-hours a day.