IATA Looks to States for Emissions Stabilization Commitment

IATA reports it will be looking for states to make decisions that will enable the aviation industry to meet its ambitious commitment to stabilizing emissions from 2020 via carbon-neutral growth, according to IATA DG and CEO Tony Tyler said in a statement.

The organization reports a common understanding that rthe 2020 goal will be reached through a four-pillar strategy of improved technology, more efficient infrastructure, and better operations. The fourth pillar, market-based measures (MBMs), will fill the gap in the interim.

IATA has called upon the assembly to:

· Agree a roadmap for development of a single global MBM for aviation to be implemented from 2020 that can be adopted at the next ICAO Assembly in 2016.

· Agree the principles for development of a global MBM, including the 2020 carbon-neutral goal; that aviation emissions should only be accounted for once; that a global MBM should take account of the different operating circumstances of operators around the world.

· Ask ICAO to develop milestones that could help build the foundation for a single global MBM, including an ICAO standard for monitoring, reporting and verifying emissions from aviation; and a mechanism to define the quality of verified offset types that could be used in a global MBM for aviation.

The ICAO Assembly takes place between Sept. 24 and Oct.4.