Airport Commemorates B-17 Pilot through New Fuel System

September 16th, 2013: U-Fuel, a leading supplier of fuel stations to the aviation industry, announces the installation of another one of its advanced “Box” fuel stations at the Lee County - Butters Field Airport (52J) in Bishopville, SC. First announced in 2011, U-Fuel's patented Box systems represent the state of the art in self-service aviation fuel stations, placing all critical components and the fuel tank within a strong, fire-resistant panel enclosure, providing an unprecedented level of fire safety and isolation from the environment. Pre-engineered and pre-fabricated, these highly-affordable systems can be easily trucked to an airport and installed within a few days. They are available as single- or two-product systems with tank capacities from 1,000-10,000 gallons.


Asked why his company chose U-Fuel's system, Lee County Airport Manager George Roberts explained : “An airport without fuel is at a disadvantage for based and transient traffic. The U-Fuel systems gives our customers 24 hour access to fuel without an employee overhead. Our County officials like the facility over a truck system with its limited hours of service, the manpower needed for a trained driver and the liability associated with a fuel truck. Furthermore, the U-Fuel system exceeds the requirement for a complex and costly Storm Water Emergency Plan. The combined advantages of the U-Fuel system makes my job as an airport manager easier.”


The large flat surfaces of U-Fuel's recently-patented Box system are ideal for graphics, and the airport took advantage of this. One one side, a picture of the airport's namesake, WWII B-17 pilot Major Raymond Butters, appears along with a list of his citations.  On the other side appears a promotion for the popular South Carolina Cotton Museum and Lee County Veteran's Museum located in nearby Bishopville.


For more information, contact Kent Misegades at U-Fuel,, 919-946-7096.



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Shown in the photo is Grady Snowden of Florence, SC refueling a 1946 Luscombe 8A at Butters Field while on a cross country training flight. Snowden, a Citadel Military College student, was receiving instruction for a taildragger endorsement to his pilot's license.


Looking on is Ms. Linda Butters, Lee County Airport Commissioner and widow of WWII B-17 pilot Major, after whom the airport is named.


This Luscombe is powered by a 90 horsepower Continental (with no electrical system), a wooden propeller, fabric-covered wing, aluminum fuselage and is Light Sport eligible with a gross weight of 1260 pounds. It burns 5 gallons of fuel per hour and is a classic antique aircraft. Dr. Douglas Snowden is the owner and the aircraft is based in Florence, SC.