Pay Raises Planned for Delta Air Lines Employees in 2014

Delta Air Lines will give pay raises to most of its approximately 80,000 workers next year after record quarterly profits earlier this year. 

The airline reports plans to give customer-facing employees raises of up to 3 percent effective April 1, following previous rounds of pay increases. Other employees will recieve raises of varying amounts from a 3 percent merit pool, based on performance and other factors.

Unionized employees recieve raises on different terms according to their contracts.

An increase in Delta’s health care costs in 2014 because of health care reform and health care inflation will affect the pay these workers actually receive. Delta plans to absorb approximately 85 percent of the $100 million in additional costs. The remaining amount will be paid by plan participants through premium increases ranging from $3 to $22 per month, according to a memo from Delta Chief Executive Richard Anderson.

Delta Airlines also plans to restore a benefit for employees with at least 25 years of continuous service: a fifth week of vacation. This benefit had been eliminated in 2005.