Baker Aviation Receives Upgraded Tarmac and Taxiway as Addison Airport Starts Revitalization

September, 2013 – Addison, Texas – Baker Aviation, a full-service aircraft maintenance, management and charter company in North Texas, recently received an upgraded tarmac and taxiway, to accommodate larger business jets, as part of an Addison Airport renewal plan funded by the Texas Department of Transportation.

In 2012, Baker Aviation Maintenance received its FAA Repair Station certification (FAA CRS# 5BVR011C) and specializes in airframe maintenance for Hawker, King Air, Beechjet, Citation, Learjet, Falcon, Challenger and Gulfstream aircraft. As a premier turbine jet repair station at the Addison Airport, Baker Aviation remains on pace with expansion of property, brand name and maintenance services offered. And now, Baker welcomes the opportunity of introducing their newest accommodation of the revitalized taxiway and tarmac.

“This is a very important enhancement that will help us accommodate larger and heavier business jets. This effort by Addison Airport is representative of our allegiance and long term commitment to the Town of Addison,” stated Ray Goyco, Jr., Chief Operating Officer for Baker Aviation Maintenance. “We expanded our location earlier this year at Addison Airport to 25,400 square feet that now includes three hangars and we have continued to improve our levels of customer service while remaining prepared to invest in further growth opportunities in the future,” added Goyco.

“We are always committed to renewing and upgrading areas of the airport to support our tenants and we appreciate TxDot for recognizing the importance of this project,” stated Darci Neuzil, Deputy Director for Addison Airport.  “With more than 30,800 square feet of new ramp space, Baker Aviation gains an opportunity to expand their business and ultimately bring more aircraft into Addison Airport and that is a win-win situation for all of us,” added Ms. Neuzil. 

This construction coincided with the current Taxiways Alpha and Tango projects at Addison Airport. Approximately 800 linear feet of complete asphalt reconstruction of Taxiway Tango, an asphalt overlay for the remaining length of Taxiway Tango, and an asphalt overlay on Taxiway Alpha between Taxiways Tango and Uniform, all occurred at the same time when approximately 4,300 tons of asphalt was placed during the two day job.



 Baker Aviation is a full-service aircraft maintenance, management and charter company, licensed to provide professional aviation services in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.  ARG/US, Platinum-Rated, they are headquartered at Meacham International Airport, Fort Worth, TX, with new maintenance facilities at Addison Airport, Addison, TX, specializing in airframe maintenance for Hawker, King Air, Beechjet, Citation, Learjet, Falcon, Challenger and Gulfstream aircraft. To learn more, or to schedule service, please visit or call 972-248-0457.


About Addison Airport

Addison Airport is one of the best general aviation airports in the country.  Designed and operated for corporate executives, charter and cargo flights, and private aircraft owners, Addison Airport’s aviation services, safety and security are world-class.  The airport boasts its own FAA control tower, on-site U.S. Customs and top-notch FBO’s with amenities designed to welcome and serve discriminating travelers and professional aviators.