Emergency Training Exercise Set for Salina Regional Airport

SALINA, Kan., (September 5, 2013) - A multi-agency emergency training exercise called "Crash Site" will be conducted at the Salina Regional Airport and the local area, September 19.

Personnel and equipment from the Salina Airport Authority, and other local, state and federal emergency response partners will be deployed to test response efforts, mutual aid requests, and interoperability.  All involved in this exercise will face realistic incident-specific challenges that will test the basic elements of crisis operations and plans in a stressful and realistic environment.

"The full-scale emergency exercise is a part of regular training to meet FAA Part 139 airport certification requirements," said Tim Rogers, A.A.E., executive director of the Salina Airport Authority.  "This type of training to essential to ensure that when a crisis does occur, all agencies involved know how to work with one another."

 Citizens within Saline County can expect see increased responder activity being utilized to fulfill the goal of the exercise and do not need to be alarmed.  Services to members of the community should not be affected by any element of this exercise.

Much like during a real disaster, the public will not be allowed on the airfield to view the exercise but a viewing area will be available off-site for any spectators.